Adding New Content

Adding Content

After logging in to the website, navigate to Content > Add Content in the Drupal admin bar.

You will be presented with various pages or content types where you may add or edit information on the site. Click on the appropriate option, then carry on to creating content on the following page.

Working within the various content types will be covered more in-depth in the Content Types section of the guide.

Publishing Content

Publishing new content involves creating a menu item for the content, when applicable. Some content types do not appear in the menu, but are featured on other pages.


This tab, when applicable, allows you to determine the content’s position within the overall website sitemap. Not all content types are able to generate menu links, and not all need a menu link.

The following fields are necessary for creating a menu link:

  • Provide a Menu Link: Check this box to provide a menu link. This will expand the other fields.
  • Menu Link Title: This field determines the text that will appear on the menu. It will automatically use the page title and should only be changed if the page title is especially long.
  • Parent Item: This determines where the menu item will appear on the website’s main menu. By choosing an existing Parent item on the menu, the new menu link will appear nested underneath that item as a sub-page. It is important to choose an appropriate section for the new content.

Please Note: Adding new content with a Parent of <Main Menu> will appear as an item in the header of the website and will cause display and design issues.

  • Weight: This field determines the order that items will appear in the menu. The lower the number, the higher the menu item will appear. (For example, “1” would display at the top of the menu, with “9” displaying at the bottom.) You can adjust the menu position after you publish the page. See the Managing Menus section of this guide.
showing menu settings in drupal


To publish content, ensure that Published is selected, and then click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Publishing Changes to Current Content

Admin users can edit and publish changes to existing content. For more detailed instructions, please see the Basic Content Editing page of this guide.



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