Deleting and Unpublishing Content

As your website grows and evolves, you might find that once-current content has been replaced by newer content. Removing content involves a similar workflow to editing content, with the difference being that you can remove/archive content directly from the content library.

Unpublishing or Archiving Content

To unpublish or archive content, follow the directions below.

Note: The page will remain available when logged in, but will not appear on the live website. Draft content will appear with a pale red bar over the content.

If you have unpublished content and are still seeing it on the site, ensure that you are logged out, try refreshing the page and the content should no longer be displayed. This works well when you want to remove something but may find the content useful again in the future.

screenshot of drop down menu for archiving


  1. To unpublish a piece of content, navigate to the edit screen for the desired page. Scroll down to the bottom of the edit panel and next to "Change to" open the drop down menu and select "Archived". 
  2. You may also want to remove the content from the menu, however, archived content will only appear in the menu if a user is logged into the site.  Menu settings can be found on the right-hand panel. To remove the content from the menu, uncheck Provide a Menu Link.
  3. Click the save button to finish archiving the page. 


Deleting Content

Note: When content is disabled/unpublished, the relating menu item will no longer be visible when logged out of the website. If you no longer want the content to appear in the menu after unpublishing then you must manually remove the content from the menu. See Managing Menus for more information on how to update menu items. We strongly suggest archiving rather than deleting, so that the content will still be available to reference or re-publish, but will no longer be visible to users who are not logged in to the website.

The Delete button can be used on the Dashboard or Content panels. Click on Content in the top admin toolbar and then use the filters to find your content. Once you find it, click Delete from under the Operations column.

screenshot of Drupal content page

Accessing the Delete option from the Content list.



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