The Alert content type causes an alert message to be displayed above all pages of the website or just the homepage. It should be used sparingly.

Adding an Alert

Once logged in, from the Drupal Admin toolbar navigated to Content > Add Content > Alert.

Input the following fields:

  • Title: Enter the Alert’s title.
  • Alert Level: Select from Low, Medium or High.
  • Body: Add any additional alert information in the body field. 
  • Archive: If checked, the alert will not be shown in the carousel. It will only be shown in the index of Alerts.
  • Send a mailout to Alerts subscribers

Once you have filled out the above fields, make sure that the dropdown menu next to Save as: is set to Published, and click Save.

Editing an Alert

  1. To edit an Alert, click on Content in the Drupal toolbar.
  2. Filter by content type Alert.
  3. Click to edit the Alert.
  4. Once you have made your changes, make sure that the dropdown menu next to Save as: is set to Published, and click Save.

Disabling an Alert

See the Deleting and Unpublishing Content portion of this guide for instructions on how to disable an alert.