The Event content type allows you to manage events that are displayed on the Events Calendar and on the Homepage, if your site features events there. 

Adding a New Event

Once logged in, from the Drupal Admin toolbar navigated to Content > Add Content > Event.

Input the following fields:

  • Title: This is the title of the event. It will appear in all layouts of the event calendar.


  • Start Date and Time
  • End Date and Time
  • All Day: Select this checkbox for all-day events.
  • Duration
  • Repeats: Select the appropriate recurrence for the event, if applicable.


  • Photos, graphics, videos or any other media related to the event.


  • Location
  • Description
  • Registration Form: Webforms must first be created before referencing them. For more information, visit the Webform section of this guide.


  • Allows you to select whether the webform is accepting submissions or not.


  • Send a mailout to Events subscribers.


Once you have filled out the above fields, make sure that the dropdown menu next to Save as: is set to Published, and click Save. Once published, the event will automatically populate the interactive calendar.

Editing an Event

  1. To edit an Event, click on Content in the Drupal toolbar.
  2. Filter by content type Event.
  3. Click to edit the Event.
  4. Once you have made your changes, make sure that the dropdown menu next to Save as: is set to Published, and click Save