Managing Menus

Adjusting a Menu – Option 1

Click on ‘Menus’ under the ‘Structure’ dropdown in the admin bar. On the screen that comes up, click on ‘Edit Menu’ beside ‘Main Menu.’ The following screen will allow you to drag and drop menu items to adjust positioning relative to one another, and adjust the wording of the menu links.

To adjust the positioning of the menu links, click on the crosshair icon next to the menu link title. This will allow you to drag and re-order the menu items. To edit the wording of a menu link, select ‘edit’ under the Operations heading. Make the change in the Menu link title box and save by clicking the button at the bottom of the edit page. Save the new configuration by clicking the ‘save configuration’ button at the bottom of the Menu Link page and test when complete.

how to adjust menu structure

Adjusting a Menu – Option 2

See the Page Settings instructions on the Page page of this guide.



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