Navigating the Webform Section

To access the webform section of the CMS, make sure you're logged into your account, and click Webforms under the Structure menu. 

drupal structure menu


Adding, Editing & Deleting Webforms

  1. Adding a Webform: to create a new webform, click the Add webform button.
  2. Editing a Webform: to edit an existing webform, find the webform you'd like to edit and click the Build option. 
    drupal build webforms button highlighted
  3. Deleting or Duplicating a Webform: to delete a webform, use the Operations drop down menu to select delete or duplicate. 
webforms delete and duplicate buttons


Viewing Submissions for Existing Webforms

  1. To view the submissions to date for an existing webform, click the number under the results column: 
    results section of webforms