Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting allows for webform elements to appear depending on specific conditions (e.g., "If yes..." follow-ups to yes/no questions).

  1. Create the trigger element that will prompt other elements - typically a checkbox, but can also be radios, or a text input based field
    An example of a trigger question: Do you want to see the next element? Yes/No.
  2. Create the triggered element(s). 
    • Create the question you want to appear the same way you would add any other element but, before saving, follow step 3.
  3. To set trigger, click "Conditions" for the triggered element(s) & set the conditional logic
    1. Set state to 'Visible if all of the following is met'
    2. Set 'element' to the trigger element
      An example of setting a trigger element - "Do you want to see the next question?" is being selected as the element that triggers this question.
    3. Set 'trigger/value'
      • If trigger element is a Checkbox, select 'Checked/unchecked'
      • if trigger element is Radios, select 'Value is' and the trigger value
      • if trigger element is a textfield, select 'filled/empty'
A side by side example of conditional questions when not triggered and triggered.