Webform Settings

You can navigate to webform settings one of two ways:

  1. From the Forms page, find the webform you'd like to edit and select the dropdown button under Operations. Click on Settings. 
    Webforms directory with Settings selected
  2. If you're already editing your webform, select Settings from the top menu. 
    Webform menu with Settings selected

Confirmation Message

 The confirmation message is the message that appears once a user submits the webform. Your webform will have automatically have a default confirmation message, but you can customize this message by going to Settings > Confirmation. 

Webform confirmation settings

On the Confirmation page, scroll down to Confirmation settings and fill in the following fields:

  • Confirmation title: Page title to be shown upon successful submission.
  • Confirmation message: Message to be shown upon successful submission.
Webform confirmation settings fields

Once you've added a custom confirmation message, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.  


From this page, you can set up email notifications to be sent when a user has submitted a webform. Set up email notifications under Settings > Emails/Handlers. 

Emails/Handlers section of webform settings

On the Emails/Handlers page, select + Add email.  Fill in the following fields and select Save

General Settings

  • Title: Add a descriptive title for your email notification (i.e. Submission Notification).

Send to

  • To email: Choose Custom To email address to input a custom email address for submissions to be sent to. Alternatively, if there is an Email element in your webform you can select Email (email) and the email notification will be sent to the email address that the user input in their webform submission. 
  • CC email (optional): Select an email address to be CC'd on the submission notification. 
  • BCC email (optional): Select an email address to be BCC'd on the submission notification. 

Leave all other settings as is. 


  • If there are files included in the webform submission, you can check this box to include the files as attachments in the email notification. 

Click Save and then click Save handlers

Emails/Handlers settings