Tax Calculators

To create efficiencies for users and provide them will valuable information in a timely manner, many municipalities are adding tax calculators to their websites. For example, see the Town of Clearview’s (ON) tax estimator and City of Kamloops (BC) tax calculator. These tools are easy for users to navigate, simply entering their property assessment and property classification to get the correct tax amounts. A breakdown of tax rates and tax dollar allocation is then displayed to the user in a visually appealing format. Tax calculators are well received by citizens as it completes all calculations for them and displays information in a clear and understandable way that can be shared or saved.

The Town of Clearview's tax estimator, based on previous and current assessment value and property classification.
The City of Kamloops tax calculator for residential properties.

This exact feature and/or functionality might not directly be applicable to your website. If you are interested in this feature/functionality, please contact our sales team for more details. 

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